LIKE countless others I found myself shaking with desperation when Glastonbury wouldn’t be on this year. Where could a music fan get their fix of booming bass rolling over tent strewn fields? How would we gain our ultimate toned thighs without the intense struggle that comes with every step in a mud-caked field? Where oh where could we escape the sheer indulgence of an Armitage Shanks? Where an earth is it perfectly acceptable to wake up to a warm can of cider, decorated like a neon Jackson Pollack in a baby grow?

Well thanks to Britain’s love of festivals we needn’t look too far- panic over. I chose to head to Suffolk’s Latitude Festival. Read on to see what I thought of it all and my ten word reviews of every act I saw over the long weekend…

So what had I let myself in for? Latitude is a bubble obsessed (the bigger, the better) commune, complete with candy-coloured sheep and twee activities like pond dipping and stone balancing. I was encouraged to reveal my inner snob in literature and poetry tents and delve into perfectly swirled Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes. But I was here for the acts and I hope I made the most of the line-up…


Triangles are my favourite shape. Alt-J on the Lake Stage.

Givers Sweet and upbeat. With incredibly big mouths and large lungs.

First Aid Kit Everyman fell in love, where did the 1st album go?

We Have Band Far too distracted by the girl’s insane hypnotic dance moves.

Janelle Monae Same set as Glastonbury last year? If it aint broke…

Alt-J Triangles in the air! Potentially big things on tiny stages.

Metronomy Keep hold of the lights please. Nobody cares? I do!

Bon Iver Folk gone epic! Not a dull moment, a well-deserved headliner.

Summer CampGarage band with a strong teen following and a moustache.

“I hope you’re wearing your rain cream”. Baxter Dury at the Obelisk Arena.


Abi Morgan in Conversation Inspiring talk about Shame and the Hour. Women writers unite!

Baxter Dury A droll sense of humour, brandy and a great band.

Josie Long Socialism in a middle class arena?! Still got some laughs.Django Django Busy! Their calculated blend and harmonies went down a treat.

SBTRKT Got all tribal. Moved the crowd and raised the tent!

The Delegators Surprise of the weekend. Ska on a Saturday evening. Perfect!


Nick Helm and the Helmets A great comedy band, complete with a Mexican wave fail.

AbandomanIrish improvised rap?! Yes! Truly original idea and seriously funny.

“Party like there’s no tomorrow!” Wild Beasts on the Word Arena.

Reginald D Hunter Politics and gender revolved around this wise American’s culture-shock comedy.

Alabama Shakes They were there right? Perfect sound, but lacked in interaction.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes They’d be fun at a party! Uplifting and simply happy!

Cast of Cheers Superb combo of punk/math rock. How are they still unsigned?!

M83 Everyone went wild for that one song, then they left.

Ben Howard I knew he’d be good, no disappointment. Ideal summer music.

Wild Beasts A wine-fuelled, beautiful, atmospheric and flawless finish to the festival

Segue Sisters 1940’s style NIN? Lovely voices, lay off the comedy please.  

Major discoveries occurred at Latitude- flushable toilets (in the loosest sense of the word) are available! Pure luxury!

Other disappointing discoveries also arose;  am I getting old?! I was incensed over young teens stood chatting over the sound of bands I’d been so excited to see, queue jumpers and frustrated at the silent disco over the DJ announcing an indie classic- then he plays The Vaccines. Classic? Just call me Grandma.

In spite of these things I am complete; I’ve had the annual festival experience and can relax! Enjoy your summer at your chosen outdoor music-based camping experience!

All images are taken from internet sources. Ta.


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