FOUR years ago, the Bodega stage was strewn with flowers and bird cages as a woman with striking red hair and powerful vocals took the stage and shot to super stardom. She was Florence and the Machine, now her successor Kyla La Grange, has her turn.

A delicate figure with mussed up hair and a guitar slung across her shoulder and a timid smile she stepped onto a stage framed with vine leaves and fairy lights. As she jumped full pelt into an ethereal and atmospheric Woke Up Dead all similarities are discarded.

She toyed with innocent husky tones and Kate Bush banshee wails, bursting with guitars and tribal drum beats in Been Better. But it was the haunting harmonies and simplicity of piano-led Heavy Stone that lingered in the crowd.

Admitting stage banter as a weakness, awkward silences between songs were filled with her relief at steering clear of bad jokes, “if you came here for comedy” she grimaces, “but you’ve come here for heartbreak” with a sarcastic thumbs up. 

Hidden behind big guitar chords and melodramatic gothic lyrics, is a petite 24-year old Cambridge graduate with a big voice and big potential.

Written for the Nottingham Post. Published in print 8th October


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