A BITTER Friday night full of hardy, boozed-up revellers in Nottingham city centre, but not for the lucky ones, those  in-the-know, as they streamed down a dark alley, climbing up precarious stairs, their thawing fingers clutched glasses of wine and squeezed themselves onto an old leather sofa. Like a secret elite club, the crowd shared a silent anticipation- Stealing Sheep are going to be big, and we’re here.

The first ghostly notes from the wooden percussion on Bear Tracks made the room smaller still. The group’s innocent tones and tender harmonies packed a punch with fierce drum beats and wailing guitar solos.

The Liverpool trio were a mass of sequins and hippy headbands, adding to the ethereal evening by decorating their instruments in fairy lights and feathers.

The Garden was a breathless chill of delicate vocals and abrupt handclaps, building to a scuzz of guitar and tribal beats.

Not big talkers, Stealing Sheep let their music do the talking, and boy, they’re a complex bunch. The jaunty beat of Rearrange was a breath of sixties cool, awkward rhythms and catchy melodies that appeared effortless.

The eerie tones and pixie features of the group create a perfect live soundtrack to a Grimm’s Fairytale. The otherworldly, organic feel of Shut Eye made me forget the songs part in a recent Hollyoak’s promo, stirring the crowd’s feet.

Ending with the perfectly miniscule I am the Rain, a glorious snippet of Velvet Underground influences and uplifting chants. Stealing Sheep are blend of old school cool, shameless pop and faultless influences.

I can just see it now, that smug look on my face as the buzz, the crowds and venues getting bigger…


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