DAVID O’Doherty is a comic that boasts a repertoire of three proper jokes. Three. The audience had paid good money to have a laugh, and no fear, armed with a tiny keyboard, a selection of quips on Dublin life and songs of whimsy and self-loathing in equal measure, we were in good hands. The crowd nestled into the Glee Club ready, open armed to ‘Seize the David’.

Opening with the longest off-stage introduction, the audience were bubbling with early giggles. As the dishevelled comic burst onto stage, plugged in the Casio and began with ‘Life’ a rather sad tale of the ultimate struggle and hardship of existence. Declaring ‘life is like a marathon, not a sprint. But the sort of marathon you have to sprint’, like the Olympics- but there’s no medal- just death. Bleak, yes, but the audience lapped it up. We’re a dark humoured bunch, partial to poo humour so it seems.

In previous years he’s encouraged crowds to lower their expectations but not this time, today O’Doherty assured the crowd this gig would feature as a beautiful, unforgettable moment in our lives. Plunging into a collection of topics from Dublin scuffles, rodent phobias and heart wrenching breakups, O’Doherty’s set is incoherent, and all the better for it’s jaunty unplanned form.

But crisis struck when sparkling water left his keyboard dud- a genuine serious panic hit O’Doherty. Someone ran out to a late-night supermarket for batteries, an audience member rushed to the toilets to dry the keys under the hand dryer. An awkward stall should’ve ensued, but for a man who boasts so few jokes, he can certainly keep a crowd entertained for as long as it takes to dry out a Casio.

Flitting from long stories like a battle with ‘his own Jaws’- a tiny mouse, to the trauma of turning thirty-six, a song of his rather awkward Shakira escapade and a bad bout of sickness and diarrhoea- told in graphic detail (yes food was available) slotted into this comedy collage of life’s disappointments and the surreal realities. Anger and frustration set to the electric whirr of a kid’s keyboard, it’s silly and we like it.


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