AS the duo took to the Bodega stage, dressed like young Profs: ties, corduroy and thick-framed specs, the sold-out crowd knew they were in store for the coolest lecture, ever.

PSB’s unique blend of British Film Institute footage, with J Willgoose ESQ’s looping of electronics and guitar and Wrigglesworth’s drums achieved their debut album’s mission to inform, educate and entertain.

The gritty, Signal 30’s road safety message got the crowd moving, the amusing 80s-drenched Now Generation took a look at fashions of the future, and the shimmering banjo of ROYGBIV was an inspiring celebration of colour TV.

The stage was surrounded with broadcasting history: vintage TV sets, aerials and a large TV projection. The archive film clips were the frontman and storyteller as the band remained silent, interacting with the audience by automated, often humorous, audio.

The audience were enthralled by the snippets of history; If War Should Come was an unnerving, dramatic piece with sombre images of gas masks and bomb shelters.

An encore of the uplifting Everest ended the night’s visual feast. After a gentlemanly handshake the pair left, safe in the knowledge their mission was complete here in Notts.

Reviewed for Nottingham Post. Published in print: 20th May 2013


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