JO Nesbo is the rockstar of Nordic noir. With the help of journalist Jake Kerridge, crime thriller fans got a backstage pass into the mind of Norway’s prolific crime writer.

Few novelists can engage a crowd with tales of screaming South Korean fans and lunch with Channing Tatum. But Nesbo revealed a colourful past with careers to satisfy any writer’s creativity: taxi driver, professional footballer, musician, and stockbroker, to name a few.

Though the days of touring with his band Di Derre (Those Guys) are behind him, Nesbo’s not lost his frontman charm. A group of women sent him a letter and during the Q and A a lady hopefully enquired if he was single, cheekily replying ‘are you?’

Relaxed, wine in hand, he talked of his long-serving, hard-boiled detective Harry Hole and the character’s possible return and his desire to ‘hang out with Harry again’.

Nesbo’s new release, The Son, revealed similarities between fiction and reality as he told of the moment his father divulged to him his unexpected part in WWII.

But it’s not all bleak murder and Oslo drug cartels for Nesbo. The short synopsis for his children’s title, Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder, revealed the big kids in the room. The news his novel, The Snowman, will soon be made into a film sent excitement through the Playhouse.

Quoting Bruce Springsteen, musing over Godfather plotlines, and chatting about his love of Spurs, Jo Nesbo proves, after all his jobs, he’s in the right profession; he’s a storyteller.

Written for the Nottingham Post. Published in print 2nd May 2014


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