TELEMAN are starting over, formed from past members of charming indie band Pete and the Pirates, it’s back to the days of small venues and debut album promotion. But with a reputation for creating a blend of endearing and raucous pop, a full Bodega was guaranteed.

Their gloriously unpredictable set showcased Thomas Saunders’ indie choir boy falsetto. Redhead Saturday’s sweet melancholy lyrics and Cristina’s tender simplicity rivalled the gentle charm of Belle and Sebastian.

Teleman are the thinking-man’s indie band, joining Alt-J and Django Django in the smart rock band elite. The evening was full of ironic synthesiser hooks set against melodramatic lyrics, all united in button-up shirts and side partings.

Saunders modestly debated an encore, offering the crowd a quirky alternative, “how about you all leave and we’ll stay and shout for more?”

The timid wistful lyrics of 23 Floors Up, Saunders’ moan on hotel room loneliness, surged into an overwhelming finale of harmonious keys, echoes and pounding drums. The whirring repetitiveness of Not In Control transformed the room into an indie disco and as the band immersed in the musical disorder so did the audience.

Change has been good for Teleman and next time, encores will be essential.

Published online for Nottingham Post


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