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Summertime, usually the time of the year to take it slow, a laid back shades on, sun-out affair. But King Porter Stomp is, in between the festivals, hard at work devising a series of assorted summer-worthy tunes. Get those guys a cold beer already!

If there’s any band truly deserves the credit of creating the soundtrack to summer, it’s KPS. A band that has their own blend of hot sauce, produced by professional chef and frontman MC Jonezy, should get an automatic invite to your summer barbecue. It’s just simple BBQ etiquette.

Still Running was the band’s first in the series of singles celebrating their global love of music. An onslaught of funky bass and smooth brass and what’s more it’s available for free here.

Pocketfuloforocketfuel is KPS’s second offering majestic sounds from a 13 piece brass band influenced by the New Orleans brass band revival. The glorious contagious horn riff would be the perfect accompaniment to strutting along in a Louisiana parade. While MC Jonezy and Lazy Habits keep the positivity going with uplifting rhymes urging us to ‘keep fire in your belly and a pocketful of rocket fuel’. Check out the infectiously energetic video here.

They’re right when they say each one in this summer’s series is entirely different in musical style, the singles are united by intelligent, socially aware rhymes and worldly influences.  Keep your ears open for the next instalment. Another reason to have summer all year long.


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